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Power cord Manufacturing Process and Equipment

Power cord cable Manufacturing Process and Equipment

Step1:Cutting and stripping the cable to the length and outer jacket

AM607-2 Jacket Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine


Step 2: Stripping and twisting the cable inner wire

AM403-3FN Vertical multicore wire stripping and twisiting Machine


Step3: crimping the plug to cable for making the cable head plug.

AM203-A 3pin-plug terminal crimping machine


Step 4: Crimping the AC terminal to cable for making the cable tail plug.

AM3032T AC/DC terminal crimping machine


Step5: after crimped the tail plug then manual insert the plastic cover

Step6:injection and Molding

AM701-3.5T Vertical injection Molding Machine


Step 7: Cable Performance Testing

AMT8683 Power cord cable tester


Step 8: Packing the Power cord

AM102 Semi-automatic cable winding and tying machine