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RJ45 Patch cord manufacturing process and equipment

RJ45 Patch cord manufacturing process and equipment


1.Prepare raw materials.(Connectorand cable )



 2.Process cable———wire feeder machine&automatic wire cutting and stripping machine






3.Separate and straighten the twisted pair of cable——–BY Network cable separate and straighten machine





4.Manual combined cable with RJ45 connector.



5.Crimping RJ45 connector with cable –By AM-RJ45 crimping machine






6.Patch cord cable connector Injection molding ———–injection molding machine and some matching machines for dealing raw materials and molding



                              Injection molding machine and matching mold  


                                            Deal with plastic raw materials



Plastic Material Drying Machine   Plastic Material Mixing Machine       Plastic Material Crushing Machine  




7.Cable Performance Testing———–By Cable performance Testing machine

This machine can test all kinds of electric cable,like usb cable,network cable,video cable,flat cable etc.



8.Winding and Packing the USB cable————-Semi-automatic cable winding and bundling machine 




9. Packing the cable into bag



(Above machines are necessary machines for manufacturing patch cord cable)