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AM-331 Glue dispensing machine

  • Model: AM3331
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 15-20 working days
  • Warranty: 1 year


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  1. Molded aluminum profile construction, beautiful appearance and strong consistency;
  2. The mechanical parts are processed by CNC to ensure the precision and consistency;
  3. The special assembly process of the synchronous pulley and the motor,combined with the new technology synchronous belt to completely solve the tension and looseness problem of the synchronous belt after long-term use;
  4. Modular assembly process, each key component and position can be dismantled separately, accidentally damaged parts can be quickly replaced.

Display: Teaching box(LCD) 320*240

Motor system: Closed loop motor

Working temperature: 5~40 degree

Working humidity: 20~90 degree(No condensation)

  1. Electro-acousticindustry: horn, audio, buzzer, headphone(MP3 or MP4).
  2. Communications industry:Mobile phone case bonding, Phone button, Telephone, fax machine, walkie-talkies.
  3. LED industry:LED Bulb, LED point light source,LED strip.
  4. Inductor industry:Chip transformer, Small transformer, Inductor coil, Small coil motor, relay.
  5. Electron industry:Integrated circuit, electronic components, electronic parts fixed, circuit board spot solder paste, LCD screen.
  6. Optical industry:Optical lens, Optical head, magnetic head.
  7. Wire industry:Switch, wire, connector, plug connector cable.
  8. Crafts industry: stickers, signs, labels, stickers.
  9. Clothing industry: buttons, key chains, underwear buckles, pendants, chains, socks.


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