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Balloon Forming/Making Machine

Model: AM10101

Brand: Aituo

Delivery: 7-15 working days

Warranty: 1 year


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    1. Can produce balloons with a diameter of 2.5mm-10mm and a length of 10mm-150mm

    2. The temperature control system adopts imported high-power heating tubes, which can accurately control the temperature, ±0.1 °C

    3. In the process of stabilizing the temperature, communicate with the thermostat remotely and quickly increase the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius within 5 seconds

    4. The tension system adopts imported zero-friction cylinders to output flexible tension to smooth the tension of the balloon forming and reduce the defects of the balloon

    5. The tension system adopts the XZ displacement platform, which can output the tension on the X-axis and Z-axis and fine-tune 10mm, which can ensure the high coaxial line of the tension and the balloon molding die.

    6. The servo displacement adopts imported customized electric cylinder, the precision can reach 0.005mm, the high-precision control movement, the speed can reach 0.1mm/s can accurately control the displacement parameters

    7. The mold cooling system uses a cooling air duct. Compared with the cooling water jacket of the electric heating balloon machine, the cooling effect is smooth, but the cost is extremely low. The cooling air duct is 1/30 of the cost of the cooling water jacket of the electric heating balloon machine.

    8. The PTCA balloon formation rate is 98%, and the pass rate is 85%

    9. The control system adopts Siemens PLC&Siemens touch screen, SMC pneumatic components, imported servo electric cylinder, high-power heating tube 10. The mold and the process parameter table and the ball forming process file required by the customer can be provided with the equipment, saving the customer time for debugging and verifying the balloon

    Balloons with a diameter: 2.5mm-10mm and a length of 10mm-150mm

    Temperature control system: ±0.1 °C

    Tension system: XZ displacement platform

    Precision: 0.005mm

    PTCA balloon formation rate: 98%

    Application: Medical industry