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Medical Device Pad Printing Machine

Brand: Aituo

Delivery: 7-15 working days

Warranty: 1 year


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    Scope of application
    Medical device pad printing machine are more suitable for printing small area products. It has a wide range of applications, such as printing earplugs, USB, MP3, MP4 and other products with company logos or patterns. All-cast aluminum body, vertical structure, simple installation procedure, convenient operation, fast printing speed up to 1200~1500 times/hour. Widen the oil pan to obtain a large printing area, suitable for the surface pattern logo printing of electronic products, plastic shells, hardware products, stationery, small crafts, and gifts.

    Product performance

    1.Automatic computer control, flexible and reliable operating procedures.

    2.The machine printing head can be adjusted and raised to facilitate the replacement of ink, plastic head, steel plate and parts.

    3.The ink tray and printing head can be changed freely to multi-color printing, which breaks through the general mechanical performance and adds more flexibility.

    4.The X and Y angles of each oil pan seat are adjusted independently, the color registration is accurate, and the production efficiency is high.

    5.The machine body adopts aluminum alloy die-casting frame, which is both portable and stable.

    6.Use Japanese (SMC) pneumatic components to cooperate with CNC machine tools for processing.

    7.The hardened shafts and bearings of famous factories are selected to ensure that maintenance is reduced and not easy to wear, and the life of the parts is greatly extended.

    8.The automatic scraper system can adopt nylon plate or steel plate, which is easy to adjust.

    9.Equipped with rubber sheet and power emergency cut-off system, in line with industry standards.

    10.The large printing area that can be obtained by widening the ink tray: 300*120mm.

    Machine name: Medical device pad printing machine

    Steel plate size: 100*100mm

    Printing area: 70*70mm Printing speed: 1500times/h

    Machine dimension: 410*600*1200mm

    Weight: 65 kg

    Air pressure: 5 bar

    Power supply: 110/220V 50W

    Medical catheters