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AM-DH3503 Non-woven face mask making machine

  • Model: AM-DH3503
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 10-12 days
  • Warranty: 1 year


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    1:Automatic mask production line, also known as one to three mask production line, composed of a mask body machine and three ear band composed of welding machine.
    2:Every minute can output 100- 120 piece of complete plane mask, mask specifications: 175*(80-100)mm three layers of non-woven planar filter type guaze mask.
    3:Compared with the single independent type mask making machine, joined the automatic conveyor belt and the connecting port, the unique design in addition to improve the production efficiency, reduce artificial cost, is in order to minimize the artificial participation, and reduce the risks of a mask is pollution in theroduction process.
    4. You can adjust the size of the mask blank and the folding location;
    5. The direction of the ear loop is outside;
    6.The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate;

    Frequency: 20KHZ
    Voltage: 220V
    Working width: 250mm (optional)
    Output power: 3.5KW
    Weight: 150KG
    Speed: 100-200 PCS/ MIN
    Dimension: 2800 * 1000 * 2000mm
    Labor:1 person
    Occupy Area Space: About 20m²

    Main Feature
    1.Ultrasonic melting technique, single man operation. 2 operators.
    2.Automatic working from feeding to nose-wire insert, sealing, cutting finished products.
    3.Machine frame adopts aluminum. Anti-rust, durable, easy cleaning and neat.