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Earphone cable manufacturing line machines

manufacturer earphone

Sep1.Prepare the raw materials 

(wire+plug connector+ speaker+shell+ Microphone control board+microphone cover+speaker cover)

Step2. Cut and strip wire by auto wire cut and strip machine

AM601 Automatic wire cutting stripping machine(Economic type)

Step3. Solder the plug with wire by automatic AUX soldering machine

AM132 AUX connector soldering machine

Step4. Injection molding the insert plug(two times to inject: inner mold and outer mold)

AM701-1.5T Plastic Vertical Injection Moulding Machine

Step5. For another side of the wire,you can crimp with cooper strap or injected,refer to follow photo

AM502 Noiseless wire splicing machine

Step6. Put the wire into speaker shell and take a knot 

Step7. Strip the inner enamelled wire with solder pot

Step8. Solder the two ends of wire on the Microphone control board by solder station

Step9. Fix the wire with microphone cover by hand

Step10. Solder the wire with the speaker by auto solder station

Step11. Fix the speaker cover on the right and left channel

Step12. Testing the appearance and sound quality again

Step13. Packing

AM102 Semi-automatic cable winding machine

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